Commercial Security

Commercial Security Guards

While modern technology helps with your security, the human element is just as essential. For several decades, private security guards have supplemented law enforcement, and many business owners still use security guards along with high tech security systems.

For business owners, security guards are vital to keep you and your customers safe. You may have a thriving business and generate a lot of revenue, but without proper security measures, you may end up losing everything to theft and other crimes. No matter how secure your windows and doors are, criminals are always looking for new ways to exploit business owners.

Our Commercial Security services are available in Phoenix and Tucson, offering top-notch protection tailored to your needs.

Having trained business security guards from Treadstone Protection Agency will prevent vandalism and other common misbehavior, making it a secure and safer place. Continue to read below to discover why your business needs to hire a security guard company like Treadstone Protection Agency, and learn about the roles and responsibilities of our reputable security services.

Commercial Security


Commercial security guards are used by businesses to reduce risks and protect assets. Treadstone Protection Agency’s commercial security guards can protect your business from vandalism, fires, and robberies. We’re known for our competence, reliability, and professionalism, making us the ideal choice when searching for the best security guard company.

Our armed or unarmed guards are fully capable of protecting your commercial business. Additionally, we have years of experience monitoring restricted areas, which ensures the protection of trade secrets and confidential business information. From small businesses to 50-story office buildings, Treadstone Protection Agency will keep your assets, employees, and business safe.

Security Guard Services and Duties

Why You Should Hire Commercial Security Guards

Crime prevention – Robbers will think twice before targeting a business or commercial place that has uniformed guards from Treadstone Protection Agency. Our security guards are trained at spotting dangerous situations and helping defuse problems.

Choosing Treadstone Protection Agency will improve the security of your property and the people within your business. Additionally, we help collect evidence that can be further used by the police and other law enforcement agencies to solve any crimes that occur on the premises.

Provide a Sense of Heightened Security – Hiring security guards from Treadstone Protection Agency increases the sense of security for employees, customers, and business owners. Workers will perform better and be more productive in a safe and secure environment.

Professionalism – In case of crime or unlawful invasion, our security guards are responsible for handling the situation professionally. They are the first line of defense, using their skills to handle various security breaches.

The presence of uniformed security guards from Treadstone Protection Agency reassures everyone within the business premises, especially in businesses that handle high-end or sensitive products. In case of any criminal incident, our professionals can interview people, detain suspects, and help law enforcement agencies track down the culprits.

Handle unanticipated situations – In certain cases such as strikes, go-slows, or protests, Treadstone Protection Agency will ensure that the premises are secure. Our security guards are responsible for providing you with crucial information and helping you deal with these scenarios.

Benefits of Hiring Treadstone Protection Agency

For businesses, it’s vital to hire professional guards that are well-trained on how to deal with different crime incidents and protect any loss in your business. Treadstone Protection Agency’s security guards help enforce rules and policies, deter crime, and protect goods, property, people, and services. Hiring our licensed and reputable security services will help offset the potential for theft and loss while ensuring public safety and protection.

Treadstone Protection Agency is a leading full-service national security guard company. We’re a professional security company, and our services include event security, commercial security, employee termination security, loss prevention, hospital security, hotel security, dispensary security, access control, construction site security, and maritime security. Connect with us today to inquire about our security guard services. Moreover, our armed and unarmed guards are available 24/7. Request a quote now.

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