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Why Standing Guard Services Are a Must-Have for Local Businesses in 2023

07 Sep

The Importance of Standing Guard Services for Local Businesses

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Local businesses today face a variety of security threats, from petty theft to vandalism and even violent crime in some cases. Having a uniformed security presence can act as an effective deterrent while also providing immediate response if an incident does occur. As a local business owner, it’s crucial to consider implementing standing guard services in 2023.

The Benefits of Standing Guard Services for Local Businesses

  • Deter crime before it happens. The visible presence of a uniformed guard acts as a powerful warning to potential criminals that illegal behavior will not be tolerated. This prevents many incidents before they ever occur.
  • Rapid response to disruptions. Should an incident occur, having an on-site guard means help is immediately available to handle the situation in a professional manner. This minimizes disruption and damage.
  • Provide customer and employee peace of mind. Customers and employees will feel more relaxed and secure knowing there is an extra level of protection on-site. This leads to a better overall experience.
  • Enhanced ability to enforce company policies. Guards can ensure rules and regulations are properly followed by all who enter the premises. This maintains order and prevents issues.
  • Allow staff to focus on core tasks. With guards handling security, local business staff can devote their full attention to delivering excellent service and growing the business.

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Successful Standing Guard Implementations

Standing guard services have made a major positive impact across many local businesses. Some real-world examples include:

  • Reduced shoplifting by over 60% at a local retail store in Phoenix. Guards helped apprehend thieves while deterring others.
  • Cut vandalism incidents by 70% at a local restaurant in Tucson. Guards kept the perimeter secure during late hours.
  • Provided safety escorts for employees at night at a local office. Guards ensured workers felt protected to their vehicles.

In each case, guards produced tangible improvements in safety and security. Many local business owners share glowing reviews and testimonials about the benefits of standing guards.

Choosing the Right Standing Guard Service

To maximize the advantages of standing guards, it’s critical to select the right provider like Treadstone Protection Agency. Key factors to consider include:

  • Relevant experience – Look for guards with experience serving local businesses similar to yours. Their expertise will translate well to your needs.
  • Proper licensing and screening – Guarantee your guards meet all state and local regulatory requirements and pass rigorous background checks.
  • Professional appearance and conduct – Choose a provider whose guards present themselves exceptionally and exhibit courtesy.
  • Flexibility – Opt for a company that can scale guard staffing up or down as your needs change.
  • Competitive pricing – Don’t sacrifice cost for quality, but do ensure the pricing aligns with your budget.

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Give Your Local Business the Protection it Needs

Standing guard services are a smart investment for local businesses in 2023. The presence of professional guards acts as a powerful crime deterrent while also providing rapid response to any disruptions. If you own or manage a local business, be sure to research trusted standing guard providers that offer the ideal mix of capabilities, experience and value. Your business, employees and customers will thank you for the added peace of mind.

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