At Treadstone Protection Agency, we offer a diverse range of security services to meet the unique needs of our clients in Arizona. Whether you require commercial security or residential protection, our team of trained professionals is here to help.


Commercial Security

As a 24-hour commercial security patrol service provider, we make sure your property is safe from vandalism or theft. Our guards are licensed and bonded by the state of Arizona. We provide security during construction periods so that you can live there without worries of safety within your community.

Our office management and dispatchers are certified by the State of Arizona. Our guards undergo background checks, drug testing and criminal history records to make sure you’re in good hands.


Mobile Patrol

Our mobile security officers are highly-trained and are able to travel in vehicles to make sure that your property is safe. We also can provide occasional inspections of small commercial properties, warehouses or single family homes. We travel at night using our infrared vehicle security systems to detect any movement, vehicles or individuals entering into the area.

We offer 24-hour patrol services for large commercial centers and residential properties.

Patrols are conducted on foot or in vehicle using infra red security systems to detect any movement, vehicles or individuals entering into the area. We use a variety of tools and techniques such as video surveillance, alarm response and property markings to reduce crime within our communities. While we never guarantee a reduction in crime, we can assure you that your property will be safe with us!

Security guards can provide reports of their daily activities performed throughout the day which is reported by an officer in charge. They also maintain a log book of all alarms that have been received during their shift. When on patrol they check doors, windows and gates to ensure that each building is secure.


Loss Prevention

Treadstone Protection Agency offers loss prevention to commercial and residential properties. Our guards patrol the area to detect any act of shoplifting or vandalism on your property, then they will contact local authorities as well as management to prevent further theft.

We will develop and implement an effective security program to help you reduce theft and vandalism.

Our security guards are trained and licensed in weaponry, self defense, and defensive tactics. Our officers are able to perform crowd control at any business event, party or gathering which makes sure that your family and friends remain safe throughout the activities.


Event Security

Treadstone Protection Agency will provide security for concerts, festivals and any other event where you need professional armed security agents. We are equipped with two-way radios to communicate with management or event coordinators during these events. Our officers check cars entering the parking lot using vehicle recognition systems which makes us more efficient at our job providing safety for everyone in attendance!

Treadstone Protection Agency also offers assistance to local law enforcement agencies by providing backup for traffic and patrol details. We help officers out during large events such as concerts, festivals and other situations that require assistance with crowd control or dealing with aggressive individuals.


Private Security

Private events such as a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or corporate party are also part of our schedule. Our officers can help out with crowd control by watching over the event while making sure everyone is having fun and remains safe at all times. Make your next special day unforgettable by hiring Treadstone Protection Agency for security services in Phoenix, AZ.

Treadstone Protection Agency offers private security and commercial patrol services to residential communities, businesses or properties. Our officers can help protect your property from harmful criminal activities such as burglary and vandalism. We are locally owned business that operates in Phoenix, Arizona providing state-of-the-art technology along with highly trained guards who patrol 24 hours a day!

Our armed security officers are licensed by the State of Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). When you hire us for the safety of your family you’ll be gaining peace of mind knowing that we take our positions seriously while making sure everyone is safe at all times.


Executive Protection

Treadstone Protection Agency is a licensed and insured company offering personal security to individuals, celebrities, executives or anyone who needs assistance with their safety. We have highly trained armed guards that work in shifts around the clock making sure your family and guests are safe at all times.

We will provide a highly trained armed security officer to accompany your VIP and remain with him or her at all times throughout the event. By having an experienced guard that can handle any situation calmly and courteously you can feel safe knowing that all your personnel are guarded by professionals.


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